Victor Sira: Bookdummypress (bdp) started out of our apartment closet in New York as an online store. I have been making book dummies for a long time and collecting photobooks for several years when I met Shiori. With her background in Japanese visual culture and our common interest in books, we founded bdp in 2011. The name bookdummypress came out of an exhibition Photographer’s Book Dummies that I curated at the Education Gallery of the International Center of Photography in 2008. 


An independent bookstore, project space and a publishing house based in New York.

Co-founded by Shiori Kawasaki and Victor Sira in 2011, bookdummypress has been experimenting new ways to function as a bookstore; not only offer selection of books and items that enrich our lives, but also create a space where passion is shared. We also direct workshops that teach the history of book construction, editing, and design.