10×10 american photobooks catalogue


Designed  by Victor Sira & Shiori Kawasaki. Inspired on Japanese manga and classic Venezuelan  museum catalogue design. Bilingual (Japanese-English) publication comes with a special newsprint insert designed by Pierre Le Hors and Tuomas Korpijaakko. As a comprehensive overview of the 10×10 american photobooks project, it presents illustrated selection lists from all the specialists, along with essays on American photobook culture by noted artists, writers, publishers, curators and bibliophiles.
In order to produce a good book, it is necessary to make the correct design decisions and to edit the images properly, the texts, the relation between them, the narrative sequence, the type of printing and so on. In 10×10 american photobooks different kid of papers where used: glossy in the Reading Room Selection, dull matte in the English language Online Selections and newsprint on the Japanese Language Online Selections.

Published by bookdummypress and 10×10 Photobooks 2013
soft cover, offset
Language: English, Japanese
Edition: First edition (500)
ISBN: 978-0-9896888-0-2
152 pages 7.25 x 10inch
Color & B&W

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