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Happy summer to everyone!

After a short hiatus we are more than thrilled to announce that bdp bookstore is back!
Our new Pop-up store / studio will open this week in New York City, in collaboration with 36 Cooper SQ Project Space. Please stop by for viewing, flipping and shopping books, prints, editions and ephemera. Stay tuned for our future projects and workshops!

Hours: FRIDAY – SUNDAY 12–7pm @ 36 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003
You will see a buzzer on leftside of the main building entrance. (next to Gyukaku restaurant)
Feel free to e-mail us for future appointment:

Coming in September!
We are also pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition Bookdummies: An Imaginary Studio, a Non-Stop Process 1993-2015, opening in September at the project space adjoined with the bookstore. In conjunction with the US launch of our latest publication of the same title, we aim to unpack Sira’s 20+ years of creative process by showcasing the original book dummies, prints and videos.



3Cooper SQ Project Space


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Bookdummy:An Imaginary Studio, A Non-stop Process 1993–2015

Victor Sira

“And so, Sira’s book dummies, in their idiosyncratic way, functioned as ventriloquists’ dummies do: as performative stand-ins. They allowed him not only to articulate what intrigued and concerned him, but to explore how the visual forms, language, and parameters of his interests might best be expressed. Sira’s earliest projects featured his own photographs in serially re-contextualized stories about his own uprooting and that of his family. In later years and as the subject matter of the work broadened – touching upon topics as diverse as the AIDS crisis, midcentury modernist architecture, voyeurism, civil rights, and the politics of desire—so did Sira’s understanding of design and book-making methodology.”

–excerpt from Marvin Heiferman’s Introduction

Our forthcoming publication BOOKDUMMIES: An Imaginary Studio, a Non-stop Process 1993-2015 by Victor Sira is coming together and is available for pre-order. This compilation of more than one hundred bookdummies of Sira’s presents his 20+ years of creative process and his approach towards art/book practice.

Texts by Deirdre Donohue, Marvin Heiferman and Victor Sira

384 pages

20.7 cm x 14.7 cm

soft-cove­­r, french fold, perfect bound

printed and bound in Japan

Publication date: November 2015




Copies will ship in December 2015